Simplify your I.T. Footprint

Most datacenters are 'organically grown'. That is, changes are made to systems on an as-needed basis. Servers are added. The old ones are left behind. Config changes are made but not tracked by someone who no 'longer works here'.

It's frustrating, we've been there.

We can help by jump-starting organizational and technical change with a team who's also done that.

Config Management

Let us help you wrangle your configuration into puppet or chef so you can start managing your infrastructure changes.

Cloud Migration

Running your own datacenters and servers is hard and requires staff to manage not only the servers but also network gear, power, cooling, etc.

If it hurts, don't do it... move your workloads to the cloud and reap the benefits of having someone else deal with it. We're fully versed in:

Container Orchestration

We love DC/OS and Kubernetes and we've seen amazing things happen when companies shed the traditional 'one app/one server or vm' deployment model and move to an orchestrated container environment...

  • reduced datacenter costs
  • decreased time to delivery
  • acceptance among your geek peers
  • and just plain 'do more' with 'less'.

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