I.T. Process Improvement

A marketing firm had adopted an expensive cloud management solution to manage their AWS account. The solution was not well supported, nor well understood by the client. It was a box of black magic. We were able to assist by working with the dev team to refactor the deployment of applications using a puppet-based configuration management system and some custom code to more closely map the client's requirements to the technology.

Startup assistance

A startup needed of some technical operations leadership and manageement of their operations. We delivered:

  • cloud strategy
  • e-mail migration to office 365
  • AWS and azure infrastructure as code
  • continuous delivery deployment pipeline using gitlab-CI

Custom security solutions

A financial services company needed a PCI-compliant application firewall that enforced access control on the client's business to business application transactions. We were able to quickly develop a solution around IBM DataPower Gateway and the client's PKI and LDAP solution, Active Directory.

Securing DevOps

A fortune 500 company required work around securing their cloud presence and their development/deployment pipeline. We were able to assist by, among other things, implementing a solution capable of scanning new machine images for security vulnerabilities as soon as developers pushed new code to the cloud service provider.

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